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What to do

1. See your GP

It is best to speak to your general practitioner (GP) if you have cardiac symptoms such as chest pain, palpitations, blackouts , breathlessness or a heart murmur.

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Top Tips

  • Measure your cholesterol – if it comes in above 5mmol improve your diet, exercise and lose weight
  • Have your blood pressure measured – if this is elevated follow the tip above and see your GP
  • Keep slim
  • Exercise – aim to do at least 20 minutes of vigorous exercise three times a week, but preferably a good deal more
  • Eat a Mediterranean-style diet that is rich in olive oil, nuts and pulses, fruit and vegetables. Avoid a diet of red meat, animal fat and dairy products
  • It is not all bad news, some alcohol (not lots) especially red wine is beneficial as is pure red grape juice
  • Be happy – laugh a lot
  • Do not under any circumstances smoke, and if you do smoke, quit
  • Avoid secondary smoking, which also has an effect on the heart
  • Premature heart disease is often inherited, so pick your parents carefully


Sportsperson and Athletic Involvement

Dr. Shapiro has a specialist interest in the heart in athletes and has published widely on this subject.

Especially involved in screening footballers for heart disease, Dr. Shapiro established a Nationwide Screening Programme to look for life threatening heart abnormalities in young footballers, to prevent the tragedy of sudden death. In conjunction with the Medical Department of the Football Association and the Professional Football Association they have examined more than 25,000 footballers in this ongoing project.

An International Speaker, Dr. Shapiro is regularly invited to speaking engagements across the world, most commonly on the specialist subject of Cardiac Adaptation to Athletic Pursuits and the Pathology of Heart Disease in Athletes.

Screening for heart disease in the Cambridge University Rowing Club for both the men’s and women’s team athletes, who will be involved in the Oxford & Cambridge Boat Race.

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