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Dr. Shapiro

Dr. Shapiro has three children, the youngest of which was born in 2010.

In his personal life he ensures that he practices what he preaches, by eating healthily, regularly training in the gym, as well as club level swimming, cycling and running keeping him in good shape for his life and his sport  which is Olympic distance triathlon.

A keen Arsenal supporter and a season ticket holder, he attends as many games as possible

Humanitarian Activities

Having gained such a wide experience in this field Dr. Shapiro feels that it is important to share his experience. Practicing in the affluent Western World he is saddened by the crippling burden of heart disease which could be readily treated and seen so tragically in less medically developed societies.

For this reason he led a group of heart specialists to Zambia to treat local patients who would otherwise not have access to curative therapies. He feels it is important to return some experience to help the less privileged return to normal life.

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Dr. Shapiro has led a group of heart specialists to Zambia to treat local patients.

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Dr. Shapiro and his colleagues made this video to demonstrate the need for cardiac treatments in Zambia